10 Wall Lights That You Need Everywhere

Any space in your house, including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, should have secondary lighting, and wall lights are always up to the challenge. You can easily find wall lights, drawing room lights, and bedroom lights in Pakistan.

Wall lights offer excellent lighting for illuminating dark corners, creating a soothing ambiance with lighter lighting, providing vivid mission lighting for conditions requiring accuracy and concentration, and eventually infusing super style into your interior.

Our line of wall lights includes everything from trendy cordless wall sconces to pocket-friendly rechargeable reading lamps, so there’s something for everyone’s taste and budget. After all, what good is a beautiful room concept if no one sees it?

We have made a list of 10 mesmerizing fancy wall lights in Karachi that you would want to incorporate in your home.

Outdoor Wall Arc

The Outdoor Wall Arc is made of aluminum and is extremely durable. you would not have to worry about the external weather conditions as the light fixture has been waterproofed with an IP65 treatment, making it water-resistant. This wall lamp will improve the exterior of a home or a restaurant with its distinctive design and dual-side lighting.

Hallway Spotlight

You can lighten up your home without having to worry about the environment. The Hallway Spotlight is environmentally conscious because it uses LED lamps. It is compact, making it simple to incorporate into every design scheme. So whatever is the theme of your home, you can incorporate it easily. It comes in two different shades, select the one that perfectly aligns with your hues.

Quad Up Down COB

This wall light is made of high-quality materials and emits a soothing soft white light. It is constructed in geometrical forms and has a unique shape, giving your home an edgy and luxurious look.

This light is made of aluminum and has an arc as well as bright light LED chips that keep your home lively and energetic.  It is made of high-quality materials and is resistant to rust and color alteration which means you do not have to worry about getting these replaced any time soon.

The Modern Wall Light has high energy efficiency and emits a soft, warm glow thanks to its eight high-quality LED lamp beads. it does not require professional help in order to install it as it is quite easy to install.

The IP68 Waterproofing of the Modern Wall Light makes it suitable for use in pubs, dining rooms, hotels, stores, offices, and other indoor and outdoor environments.

Symmetrical COB

This Symmetrical COB is everything you have to add an architectural design aesthetic to the exterior of your house. The light fixture is not only elegant but also robust, thanks to its aluminum body and waterproofing treatment.

Because of its LED technology, the Symmetrical COB is environmentally friendly. IP65 Waterproofing has been applied to the light fixture, allowing it to survive extreme weather situations such as heavy rain. The light fixture, which comes in black, will complement any home’s exterior. Hot white and cool white are the two colors available for the Outdoor LED-Wall Symmetrical COB.

Solar up Down Light

The 2 W Solar Up Down Light is ideal for adding decorative lighting to the home’s exterior. To have an equal split of illumination, the light fixtures may be placed on the wall. The Solar Up Down Light is not only stylish, but it is also environmentally friendly.

The Solar Up Down Light is ideal for adorning the exteriors of houses, parks, and rooftop restaurants, and has been treated with IP65 waterproofing to improve longevity in extreme weather environments.

These are some of the most aesthetically appealing lights at Ultronics Lights. Over here, you will also be able to find dressing table lights in Pakistan.


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