5 Rules Of Lighting For Restaurants To Boost Sales

The first impression is unique and unrepeatable, which causes a good feeling. If you own a restaurant or are thinking of opening one, you should invest in the lighting project to make your restaurant more attractive. Restaurant owners who recognize the importance of light always prefer the best quality LED lights and desk lamps in Pakistan.

With adequate lighting, you will make your guests feel more comfortable and compel them always to prefer your restaurant. Besides, guests will also recommend your restaurant to their social circle. 

So, we bring you 5 rules on how your restaurant lighting should be so that you get the most out of your spaces. Let’s go!

5 Rules Of Lighting For Your Restaurant

If you have decided to buy restaurant lights to meet your goal of increasing your clientele and sales, apply these rules to the professional lighting project for your restaurant.

Design An Effective Lighting Plan

If you are undergoing construction and renovations, you are at the best time to plan the restaurant’s lighting. This move will allow you to locate the electrical system according to your requirements.

Ensure adequate lighting on each table and in the corridors, so the diner feels at ease. You need to understand the type of space you have designated. For example, bright colors are good for family environments. If you cannot make reforms, the good idea is to place desk lights on each table.

Remember that each area of the restaurant has individual lighting needs. Areas such as the cash register or the counter need direct light so your employees can do their job better. This way, they can achieve more transparency in their operations.

For other areas, you can use upward lighting on the walls and columns to give an effect of higher ceilings and taller walls.

Once you complete the functional part, you can give yourself the fun task of playing with the lights to give a more focused touch to the decoration.

Guide People Through Light

The proper lighting becomes an essential element in restaurants to guide guests. From the moment they enter, they must understand where and how to move in space. You can guide and push their attention towards the different areas by contrasting light and shadow. It is important to highlight certain areas with more brightness, such as the counter and the corridors.

Focus On Space And Design

Every restaurant needs a personal style that differentiates it from the competition. Remember that first impressions matter! Pay attention to your restaurant design, the objective you want to achieve, and the space you have available. From there, design your plan so that you cover lighting needs while creating a style that influences your guests.

Use Colors Sparingly

The color of the lights says a lot about a lighting design for restaurants. Generally, soft, warm tones are used to create a cozy feeling. However, light color depends on some key aspects, including the furniture color, wall themes, and environment (if it is family-oriented or more focused on nightlife). So, this requires you to apply your creativity in your design.

Furthermore, it is tempting to include colors that incite the palate (red, orange, or green) in the lighting project. However, it is best to maintain the natural tones of the food without artifice. So, use warm but neutral tones to prevent the perception of color from changing.

Pay Attention To The Comfort Of Your Client

Regardless of the design, the comfort of your clients comes first. Ensure they can read the menu and see the dishes comfortably and without additional effort. Visual comfort in these spaces is the key. So, avoid direct lighting on your clients, as it will look like an interrogation session, not a pleasant meeting.

Instead, install pendant lights within range but not aimed directly. A good way is to aim at the table’s center and around the chairs but not on them.

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you know the importance of lighting that assists in positively differentiating a restaurant from the competition. If you are a restaurant owner and want to give your restaurant an eye-catchy look by investing in lighting, choose LED lights online in Pakistan by contacting Ultronics Lights. We will enable you to stay on top of lighting trends and boost your sales!  

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