5 Things That Make Solar Lights Better Than Conventional Lights

The world is rapidly converting to solar energy, and since the last two decades, it has taken over some part of the conventional energy we use. Throughout the years, we have witnessed that people are becoming less dependent on fossil fuels to reduce their carbon footprint from the world and turning towards solar energy because of its everlasting benefits and, next to none, adverse effects on the planet.

This blog is about convincing you to switch from traditional lighting and electrical system to solar energy systems. And to do so, we are going to tell you why it is better on the state level to switch all the lights and electronic equipment from a conventional system to a solar system. And why changing traditional streetlights to solar street lights is the way to bring a positive change in Pakistan.

A prolonged Lifespan

Usually, traditional lights have a small lifespan of 15000 working hours in Pakistan, and this span is not too much considering the level and regularity of maintenance our government does. If a streetlight goes blind, it stays blind for a good few years before the official maintenance in charge decides to change its lights. On the other hand, solar lights in Pakistan have a longer lifespan and can illuminate the streets in a better way. They have 8000 working hours and are not dependent on the energy grids, which is why they can even illuminate the country during power outages.

Money value and future savings

Traditional lights are indeed more affordable than solar lights, but they have short life and require too much maintenance, which means spending more money on them. But, expensive as they may be, solar lights harness natural energy without requiring much maintenance or replacements like traditional lights. This means that, in one way, solar lights will help in saving a lot of money for the future, and they are more cost-effective for the future.

Amazing illumination and visibility

Mostly, solar-powered lights are fixed with bright LEDs or have built-in LEDs. But, to attain the max color rendering index or CRI, our company colors those LEDs. Coloring them not only provides high illumination, but it also provides fantastic nighttime visibility. On the other hand, traditional lights have metal halide lamps that don’t even have any comparison to our bright LEDs.

Apart from this, the LEDs we use are a perfectly practical solution because they maximize power consumption; they provide more light than other lighting solutions but use less energy and battery.

Smart design and installations

For design and installation, innovative engineering is done, and parameters are set like LUX levels, beam angle, weather conditions, days of autonomy, lamp post angle, battery and panel size, etc. This is because solar streetlights are made to ensure that you get the best results for longer durations. But, these things are not considered when creating or installing traditional lights.

For traditional lights, reflector cups are required to send the light downwards since they emit diffused lights (reflector cups are an additional cost), but the solar LED lights emit a direct light that doesn’t need any reflector cups to read down. This efficiency of solar LED lights is 150 lumens time better than the traditional light, which is the greatest mark of durability.

Positive environmental impact

Solar lights have a less environmental impact than traditional lights because solar streetlights use natural energy, which isn’t created by any fossil fuel or renewable energy. Therefore, these lights don’t emit any harmful gases into the environment, like carbon dioxide. Since Pakistan is one of those lucky countries to have the sun shining throughout the year, the solar lights are a perfect solution.

Solar lights use clean and green energy from the sun, then convert it into energy and store it in the battery while staying off during the day. As soon as the sun sets, the stored energy in the battery illuminates the streets with bright light. This makes solar energy sustainable for preserving our earth.

What we think

Above was a comparison of solar and conventional lights, and surely you would have noticed that solar lights are a better option for all the electrical needs, especially for streetlights, especially now that electricity costs per unit are so high all over Pakistan.

LED lights might be an expensive option when it comes to installing them. Still, they reduce maintenance and installation charges in the long run while improving efficiency and future benefits.

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