6 Popular Types Of Indoor Lighting Fixtures

Cove lighting, soffit lighting, and valance lighting are some of the choices widely considered. Any reputable home building firm in Pakistan will make certain that the lighting selected is in complete harmony with the home’s design style. Other kinds of lighting fixtures that you can use in your home will be discussed today. If you want to have fancy lights in Pakistan, read on this blog.

They are classified into three groups based on their intent and application. The first is ‘ambient,’ which only improves the room’s interior. The second is ‘task,’ which provides illumination for a particular task. The third is ‘accented,’ which serves as a secondary lighting choice for space. Here are seven popular types of indoor lighting fixtures seen in modern Pakistani home designs.

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Above the dome, the recessed lighting fixture is mounted. You’ll need at least 6 inches of height above the ceiling to mount this sort of lighting. Additionally, the insulation is used to prevent condensation from seeping into the fixture. Ambient, mission and accent lighting are all possible with the recessed lighting fixture. It is used as a secondary ambiance in the majority of the modern home designs in Pakistan, and it is alternated with the primary light alternative, whether warm or cold.

Track Lighting

Track lighting fixtures are attached or mounted from the ceiling and comprise a linear housing with multiple heads located anywhere along a line; the heads’ orientation is also customizable. Task and accent lighting are popular uses for track lighting. It serves a stylish and artistic role rather than a functional or centered one. This is one of the most common types of the ceiling light in Pakistan.

Under-Cabinet Lighting Fixture

This lighting fixture is mounted beneath the cabinets, as the name implies. This fixture may be a single puck-shaped fixture or a linear fixture. It’s best seen behind the cabinets in kitchens to brighten up the shelves. The ideal use for an under-cabinet lighting fixture is to aid in the various activities performed on the counters. It will produce a dark atmosphere for the kitchen when it is not in operation if fitted with low-energy lighting systems.


The chandeliers hang from the walls. They aid in the downward direction of light. They’re normally hung from the ceiling over kitchen islands or tabletops. The pendants contribute to the overall design and theme of the space in which they are placed. Since most dining tables are lit up at mealtimes to improve the culinary appeal, it also provides activity lighting. Pendant lights are often found in workrooms and art rooms to keep the illumination centered on the study or canvas.


Chandeliers are used to provide mood lighting in living rooms and other places where visitors are entertained. They are large lighting fixtures usually made of glass pearls. They are, however, available in a variety of materials, ranging from costly crystals to less expensive plastic.

Chandeliers are no longer a common lighting fixture option, despite the fact that they bring a wow factor to space. They take up a lot of space in smaller homes and need to be maintained on a daily basis. They should be seen in places where a grand gesture is to be shown.

Wall Sconces

For decades, this has become the most common form of lighting in Pakistani modern home designs. Wall sconces’ success stems from their low cost, compatibility with energy-saving bulbs, and ability to add a trendy touch to any space. Light is directed downwards, upwards, or both directions by the sconces. Depending on where they are placed, they provide ambient or task illumination.


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