A Few Ways How You Can Make Your Light Consumption More Efficient

Are you interested in making your home more energy efficient? If you’re looking to cut down on your lighting costs then you should read on to know how you can achieve that. On average an American household spends 5% of their electricity bill on lighting their homes. Being more energy efficient may save you almost $30-$40 every month. Looking into better options will help you save more and have the option of buying into longer-lasting options.

CFLs: The First Generation of Efficient Illumination

CFLs are Compact Fluorescent Lamps. These are the types that curve at the ending and they use a lot less energy to make your rooms brighter. These have more lighting and use mercury as a source to give out light. If you are thinking of opting for these you’ll have a convenient buy and won’t have to deal with changing the sockets since these are designed to fit into normal sockets which hold incandescent bulbs. If one wears out you can also replace them with the old incandescent bulbs without any hassle.

Why might you choose a CFL bulb instead of keeping your choices limited to the traditional incandescent bulb? Well, for starters a 15-watt CFL bulb will produce the same amount of light that a 60-watt incandescent bulb will make. Replacing the prior with a CFL will charge you only a quarter of what an incandescent bulb will. Taking into consideration a perception where a CFL bulb is lit for 2 hours every day for a year, this will cost you $1.20 whereas the other will add on a good $4.80. Having the same amount of light given out and saving a few bucks? Who wouldn’t want that?

The convenience and the bill saving should be enough to get you to buy a few of these to replace your old ones to cut down on your bills without having to go through any sort of replacements.

LEDs: The Highest Standard of Lighting Efficiency

LED lights translate to Light-Emitting-Diode. These are pretty standard round bulbs that save you more than a normal incandescent bulb and a CFL bulb. Though the CFL and LED are almost head to head, an LED still wins the race. The perspective of turning the LED bulb on for 2 hours every day for a year will only add a single dollar to your bill where a CFL will add $1.20 and then an incandescent will go four times more and add $4.80 annually. The LED bulb uses semiconductors to emit light and will produce almost the same illumination while only using 12 watts.

LED bulbs aren’t just paying you money, they’re also contributing to an easier and environmentally friendly lifestyle. They do not need to be discarded for a long time and will last you around 25,000 hours. They are a great choice when you buy outdoor lights. Here is a comparison of how CFL and incandescent bulbs last

  • CFL bulbs will last you 10,000 hours before needing replacement.
  • Incandescent bulbs will only work up to a mere 1,000 hours.

To make any event perfectly lit you should refer to LED lights. They can be used in any outdoor and indoor event and they’re safe to use since they do not heat up as quickly as an incandescent bulb.

To make your event beautiful and have the perfect lighting you should refer to us, Ultronics Lights. We make sure our company only deals with the best type of LED bulbs and lighting setups that are functional and long-lasting, and also save you money. We can also engineer lighting designs for your home. For further details contact our team.

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