In a country like Pakistan, where the exterior, as well as the interior of your house, is given high regard, you would want your home to create an inviting atmosphere. Keeping this in mind, when one thinks about refurbishing the house, the focus should not be only towards the color of paint, the type of home decor or the design of the furniture but a lot of attention must also be given on what type and design of lightning will bring the X-factor to your house.

In the market, you’ll find decoration lights of every style and design. The presence of such a vast range in options may overwhelm you and might make you buy the wrong type or design of decoration lights for your home. To mitigate any such outcome, read this complete guide that will help you in having a deeper insight on the best and quality decoration lights that are bound to bring the right amount of shine and color to your homes.



Solar-powered lights are all about modernity and a touch of technological innovation. They come in the shape of small bulbs, dancing lights, and also chandeliers. This light type is basically inspired by candlelight and glints magically into the night. Moreover, these lights are called solar lights for a reason which is, these lights are sensitive to the sun meaning they switch on when the sun sets and turn-off at the earliest light of the sun in the morning. These are solar-powered and highly recommended to be installed outdoors on the porch or in the garden.



These types of lamps are still new in the market, yet they have been the “talk” among many homeowners. These lights give a touch of comfort to the rooms. Not to forget, the aesthetics of your room is completely transformed by these lights. The light of these lamps is inspired by antique lamp fuels and look amazing on the side table of your bedroom or in the study room table. Book lamps give off a type of light that is rich in colour and it is not blinding to the least. The energy expenditure of these lights is also bare minimum which just adds to the benefits of having these lights around yourself in your home.




These lamps that come in the shape of a ball are pretty popular among teenagers as they offer the best enriching lights and eye-catching patterns that illuminate the room in an awe-striking manner. These come in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs. Globe lamps come both the options, as a plug-in or with batteries. Placing these lamps alongside the bed gives a soothing and satisfying feel to the room. Kids can customize their globe lamps in whatever shape and design they want to, which makes these lamps extra exciting.




These lights came into existence due to the high consumer demand for brighter and clearer lights with an unblinding glow. Vanity lights are mostly attached to mirrors of the dressing table as its purpose is to give an illuminating glow to the face when one is getting ready, putting on makeup, or taking pictures. These are majorly LED lights and are loved in the celebrity, model, and blogger fraternity.




These lamps are similar to globe lamps, but these are hung on the ceiling or on sidewalls. The light that is generated from them is enough to light up a whole room. You can find different sizes and designs of hanging ball lamps in the market. They can be hung in the living room, the TV lounge, or in the bedrooms. These offer a homely but also an elegant vibe to the homes. Furthermore, hanging ball lamps are durable if used in the right way.

Choose your lights like you’d choose the clothes you wear because after all, this is the kind of change they bring to your house.

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