Application of LED Lighting Technology

LED has been the best lighting option recently whether its an upgrade to existing structure or installation
of a new lighting system. LED works superbly well from shining showcases to lighting up a backyard swimming
pool. LED’s have been a clear choice in every form of application ranging from commercial, residentials,
industrial, health sector, automobile technololgy or public places and with further advancements, there
will be a wider scope of application with years to come.

Following are some areas of application which are beautified and distinguished by LED Lighting Technology:

Controlled Instensity At Workplace:
With its portable structure and vibrant colors, LED have proven to set mood alive for employees at workplace.
LED Light’s intensity can be controlled easily with some models now offering instensity levels from low to
high, LED proves to be comfortable in working environments.

Retails Points:
Retails outlets that include multi brand/single brand outlets, large departmental stores, boutiques,
jewelry shops, malls and even automobile showrooms have recently shifted there lighting structures from
traditional to LED Lighting. The biggest reason behind this transition is attraction and interaction which
LED light offers. LED lights have the capability to highlight a specific product at it’s position hence
encouraging a purchase. The vast range of colors and beautiful structures makes the shopping experience

Warehousing And Industrial Application:
With wide variety of sizes offered, LED lights can be sufficient to cover large areas such as warehouses
to keep an eye on inventories. Other then that, there are numerous choices when selecting indoor lights for
industrial purpose. Factories and large industries that are functional twenty four hours a day and seven days
a week require continous lighting in their premises. Such entities require low cost as well
as a bright lighting solution that LED fulfills. Case studies have shown that factories and industries
choosing to move to LED have reduced costs as well as improved indoor and outdoor lighting structures
with there selection of LED’s.

Outdoor Lighting Applications:
Apart from it’s cheap application indoors, LED lights can also be a cheaper alternate in outdoor lighting
applications. It can be used on highways, four or five lane roads, residential and commercial streets, parking
areas, hotels, airports and roadways. Due to it’s appealing visibility, clarity and compatability, LED
has been a wise choice for governments and large organizations looking after structural developments.
Hotels have particularly chosen LED technology to reduce there maintenance expenses and increase visibility
for visitors.

Safety Indications & Signals:
Due to there low energy consumption, LED’s are used to offer indications related to safety. Once installed,
they require low maintenance and use little space. Single colored LED lights for outdoor purpose is best
suited for traffic signals and safety alerts or signboards.

Swimming Pool Lighting:
With technological advancement and IP55 certifications, many LED lights are meant to be used underwater.
LED lights installed in swimming pools helps in beautifying them and helping swimmers have better sight at
night time. Now with the passage of time and decrease in size of LED lights, they can also be placed in
aquariums. Most pool and aquarium owners prefer LED lights to enlighten there spaces with the important
reason being low cost energy option and high brightness level.

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