Advantages of LED Technology

LED Technology frequently known as Light Emitting Diode has recently become a new sensation in residential
and commercial lighting applications. Every area that is dark and requires brightness and every product or object
that needs significance is now becoming highlighted with LED’s. The reason for all this hype of LED’s is
pretty simple, energy efficient technology is the only way for us to move forward and LED technology is at
the core of it.

The most renowned advantages of LED Lights in contrast to the conventional lights like an incandescent bulb
or a CFL makes them a preferrable choice for every new project or upgrade which required prominent illumination

Controllable & Cool:
As compared to the conventional light sources, LED’s have proven to be much brighter and cooler in tempreture.
LED Lights also have an option to raise or dim intensity of light according to the fixture location.

Longer Life:
When compared to previous lighting technologies, LED Lights have proven to have higher lifespan and it’s
easier to have a fair idea about the number of hours it will serve hence saving the headache for periodic

Compact & Versatile:
LED Lights being offered in different attractive colors and sizes allows them to adapt to any kind of
application. LED’s have proven to perform under intense and harsh conditions. Even a single LED bulb proves
to offer significant lighting indication and a cluster of them have the capability to light up an entire stadium.

Energy Efficient:
LED has a significant capability to convert upto 80 % of electrical energy to light energy hence justifying its
paid cost. LED’s energy efficient technology allows visible reduction on electricity bill expense. A recent
suprising statistic showed that with the new LED system implemented on Iconic Miami Tower helped them save
around 260,000 USD annually as compared to there previous expenses on traditional lighting fixtures.

The above mentioned advantages show why LED fixtures are way better then traditional technology. However,
in case of all emerging technologies there are always some grey areas and as is the case with LED lights as
well. The only disadvantage in case of LED lights is considered to be it’s high initial cost. If you can
afford to spend some extra money with initial fixtures, LED is no doubt the most lucrative and cost saving solution
out there.

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