How Does Lighting Affect the Psychology and Mood at A Restaurant?

When deciding on a restaurant’s interior, its core element is the lighting you choose. It can differentiate between a satisfied and unsatisfied customer. Being a customer, they want to be able to see each and everything quite clearly to have quality time. If the lighting used in your restaurant is not perfect, then you may lose your clients. 

Your restaurant may have a spectacular interior equipped with exorbitant finishes that are trendsetters. However, if the most crucial aspect is neglected i.e. leaving the vicinity with too much or too little light, then everything else becomes less appealing. 

The needs and requirements for an intimate upscale restaurant and a fast-food joint will vary. As it will differ from the kind of space, you need lighting. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize the impact of the lighting in your restaurant. 

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Various Lighting and Their Effects on Restaurants

  • Task Lights

Task Lights are used for essential functionality at the restaurant. Their motive is to enable the staff members and customers to see any particular task they are executing. It can be the chefs being able to see what they are cooking and customers being able to read the menu properly. 

If your restaurant has soft lighting, it must be well enough to illuminate the area properly. Proper functionality can be achieved by hanging pendants or chandeliers above the tables. At Ultronics Lights, you will find Artistic Chandelier II or Black Diamond Pendant. Great fits for a contemporary interior.

  • Accent Lights

These lights are added to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a place. They are more of an ornamental nature than practical. These can be the center of attention on an empty wall or a centerpiece at an entrance. You can even use them to enhance the unique elements of the architectural designs of your restaurant. Examples include wall scones and directional LEDs.

How Do Lights Affect My Restaurant?

Diner’s experience and judgment can significantly influence how they behave, and lighting can have much to do with it. Restaurants use different intensities of illumination as the day passes by, depending on the mood they want to achieve. Your choice of lighting used may make or break a customer’s experience.

Ways You Should Utilize Low Lighting

An intimate, relaxing, and romantic ambience calls for low lighting. Dim lighting makes a person feel cozy and gives them a sense of privacy. Warmer colors can be used for this purpose.

Ways You Should Utilize Bright Lighting 

Bright lights are used to stimulate energy in a space. The usual settings for such lighting are fast food restaurants, ice cream parlors, etc, where you need as many customers as possible in a short period.

Adequate Lighting Throughout the Day

Your restaurant’s working hours also influence the kind of lighting plan you will require. Since a restaurant that generates most of its traffic during day time will have a different goal than a fine dining restaurant operating after the sun goes down, mornings should have bright lights as everyone needs that morning rush with their coffee to go about their day. Meanwhile, midday should have a bright to moderate light plan. Evening hours should have low lighting levels, despite being casual or formal, as a relaxing atmosphere is needed during the nighttime. 

The kind of lighting you choose affects the customer’s mood significantly, making lighting the most important decision while planning your establishment. 

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