How To Clean Solar Lights

Solar lights are the smart and modern new solution to brightening up your outdoor areas. They don’t cause a hefty electricity bill either as they work with energy gained from the sun. However, they do need proper cleaning for maintenance.

How to Clean Solar Lights?

You must remember that if you own solar lights, they require proper cleaning from time to time. The reason for that is in order to continue with a brilliant performance to their best extent, solar lights must remain clean. Cleaning them is not so hard. Here is an easy guide on how to clean solar lights.

1. Check the Manual:

The first step that you should take is to check the manual of the solar lights. If there is a particular method for cleaning that is specific to the kind that you have, it is best to follow that as it is. If not, you can just go with the following simple steps.

2. Gather What You Need:

To start with the cleaning process, you need to gather the materials first. What you will need is a small bucket or a tub, liquid soap, sponge, and water. This will ensure that you have every required thing at hand and can continue with the process easily and quickly.

3. Start with Rinsing:

Now that you have gathered all the required materials, you are ready to start cleaning your solar lights. Start with rinsing the lights; this will help you get rid of any dust on the surface.

4. Clean with A Sponge:

Any guide that will tell you how to clean solar lights will emphasize that you use a simple, plain sponge to clean your solar lights. This means you should avoid the scouring pad at all costs; you don’t want any scratch on the solar panel screen. Dip the sponge in a soap and water solution, create a lather, and proceed to clean the dirt off the solar lights.

5. Wash the Soap Away:

Dirt gathering on the surface of the solar lights is the main cause of them not working correctly. Once you are done cleaning the dirt off with soap and water, it is time to wash it away. You can do this with a simple rinsing method.

6. Let the Sun Do Its Work:

They’re solar lights, they will definitely take any help from the sun. Once you’re done washing them, let the sun do its work and dry the lights.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Solar Lights?

There must be a reason why cleaning solar lights are so emphasized on. With every other guide on how to clean solar lights, there is a sidepiece telling you the importance of cleaning solar lights. What exactly does happen if you don’t clean your solar lights? Well, here’s what.

If you don’t clean your solar lights, you can decrease their efficiency. Solar lights work by charging the battery with solar energy gained from the panels attached on top. If the panels are dirty, the lights won’t absorb enough power and not shine bright enough.

Also, when you are unpackaging your newly bought solar lights, make sure not to chuck the manual away. It tells you how to clean solar lights, and if they don’t work due to improper maintenance, the factory won’t claim responsibility for it. This will cause the warranty to go void. That way, you’ll just lose your money’s worth.

This guide has the simplest and quickest steps on how to clean solar lights. Follow these tips to keep your solar lights shining bright and have them last long!


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