How to Make Your Bathroom Spacious through Lights?

Those days are gone when homes had one or two bathrooms for the whole family. This trend is changing more quickly than ever. The concept of privacy is kicking in and hence the need for a separate bathroom. A separate bathroom means more bathrooms or attached baths with each room. However, with more bathrooms in a house, it is evident that their size or space will decrease. The solution to create more space in your bathroom would mean renovating the house and spending more money. No problem because guess what? There are smart ways to make your bathroom look spacious. One of the ways is playing with the lights. It will cost you much less money than renovating the house. Not only will lighting give the false sense of space but also make your bathroom look a lot fancier than the usual bathrooms.

Need for a Spacious Bathroom

First, let’s get onto why you need a spacious bathroom. Your home is a place where you relax. The same concept is applied to the bathroom. Whether you are at a hotel or your home, you need to feel relaxed. You do not want to feel restricted or trapped in your personal space. That is why, it is important to invest time, brain, and a little bit of money into making bathrooms such that they give out the relaxing and calming ambience.

Lighting for Spacious Bathroom

Lighting can affect any space in any way you want. Market is now saturated with several types of lights. For example, hanging lights in Pakistan is the new kind of a trend that is observed all around the country. Quality lighting is the way to go and some of the quality lighting ways for spacious bathrooms are explained below:

Variety of Lights

Whenever you are choosing lights, never go for single type. Try to choose a variety so that you choose the best one out of them. The number of lights surely depends on the size of your bathroom but no matter how small, go for more than one. Only a single light makes your bathroom look smaller which you do not want. It is also possible that wrong choice of lights effects the look of your bathroom in a negative way.

Vanity Lights

Bathroom vanity lights are the new deal in the interior design of bathrooms. Now, is it just to make the bathroom look beautiful? The answer is no because their purpose also includes making the bathroom feel spacious. Vanity lights over the mirror concentrate on one specific area that is the mirror. The concentration of lights over one area gives that area a separate look and a separate space. In this way, your mirror area will not blend with the rest of bathroom giving it a rather fancy look.

Bright Lights

It may seem that lights are inherently bright but that’s a false assumption. Some lights are very bright while some are not. For example, an LED light and a bulb have major differences between them. An LED light and a yellow bulb may have the same frequency of light yet that yellow bulb will seem dark. Now, dark is not what we are looking for to make a bathroom space. Dark colors or themes even make a big space look small. That is why using white LED light will be the right choice for your small bathroom.

Following just the three tips mentioned above can have a great deal of effect to make your bathroom look spacious. Try these and observe a major change in your bathroom.


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