Flat Base Triangles

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Have you ever wanted a lighting fixture that has a vintage look to it yet adds a touch of modernity to the room you put it in? This unique Flat Base Triangles fixture has a vintage yet elegant design but it also has a subtle contemporary edge to it when you take a closer look.
It is a simple and straightforward solution when you want to add some class to the appearance of a room and set it alight at the same time.

● Power Source: 220-240v
● Material: Powder Coated
● Light Source Type: LED (Recommended), Incandescent
● Fixture Color: Black
● Water Resistance: No
● Height : 30 Inches (max.) Including All 3 Units
● Base Dimension: 20″ x 3″

● It is sturdy and durable. It can also be hung outside on the patio with ease.
● It is also versatile because it can be placed in just about any room.
● Eco-friendly.


1 review for Flat Base Triangles

  1. Imran Ul Haq

    Fantastic collection of lights. This looks great

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