Maurice Suspend Pendant

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This modern yet simple Maurice Suspend Pendant is made of high quality, corrosion resisted metal. The lamp combines unique lighting technology that offers pleasant atmosphere.

Maurice Suspend Pendant is best suited for offices, cafe’s, staircase, hall, bedroom or even kitchen tops. The lighting it offers is soothing to the eye and catches immediate attention of the visitor.


Color: Gold

Power: 45W

Wire Length: Approx. 2.5 Ft. (adjustable)

Pendant width: 40 Inches

Front Gold Circle LED: 9 Inches
Back Gold Circle LED: 6 Inches

Flat Base Holder: 2 Ft.


Original price was: ₨29,999.00.Current price is: ₨26,999.00.

1 review for Maurice Suspend Pendant

  1. Tariq Shahaab

    Totally satisfied with quality. It indeed is a unique fixture

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