Minimalist Copper Bulb

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Do you want to transform your room with a soft, ambient light? If so, this Minimalist Copper Bulb is perfect for you. It works by offering your room an atmospheric glow that you will surely appreciate. The Minimalist Copper Bulb is designed to cast a soft, warm glow that is neither too bright nor too light. Plus, you can place the Minimalist Copper Bulb anywhere, from your living room to your bedroom, and it is guaranteed to look amazing.

Other than that, the design of the bulb is also extremely cool. You don’t just see the modern elements in it but also hints of classic designs. The copper color palette is reminiscent of classic color schemes, yet the clean and sleek style is more contemporary. All in all, they both blend perfectly together to offer this minimalist bulb wall light that is not only beautiful but also practical.

● The design is small and compact.
● It can be used to offer a light glow to the room or as a spotlight.
● The light is highly energy-efficient.

● Power Source: 220-240v
● Material: Metal & Glass
● Fixture Color: Copper
● Fixture Dimension: 160mm x 115mm
● Size : Height 10 Inch , Wall Distance 6 Inch


1 review for Minimalist Copper Bulb

  1. Ruksana

    Finishing of this product is better then my expectations. Its minimalist and offers a really cozy brightness

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