Postmodern Designer Lamp

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The Postmodern Designer Lamp features ring-shaped pendant that is fixed with a round light at the bottom. It is a unique ceiling light that offers excellent practicality and illumination. Mount it in your guest room, living room, or dining room ceilings for an elegant finish. You can choose between a cool or warm light to reach the desired level of illumination.

Body color: Gold
Dimensions: 20 x 50 cm

● Can be used as ceiling lamps next to the headboard of a bed
● Looks super stylish and modern in bedrooms and living rooms
● Ceiling-mounted indoor light design that is unique and elegant
● Lightweight lamps powered by a wired electric source
● Warm white light source that is gentle on the eyes


1 review for Postmodern Designer Lamp

  1. Asfer Aziz

    Cool. Quality is good. Bulb included. Packing is good, delivered quickly

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