Simplistic Copper Lamp

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This light fixture features a contemporary design and a high-beam light source for practical benefits. The Simplistic Copper Lamp is suitable for offices, homes, and guest houses. Have it fixed in your rooms to improve your house’s interiors effortlessly. The unique and modern look of this lamp can elevate the ambiance of any space.


Voltage: 110/ 120 V
Light shade: Soft warm light
Shade Type: Frosted Glass
Material: Glass + Metal
Size : Height 18 Inch (max.) , Wall Distance 7 Inch , Circum. (Glass Ball) 20 Inch


● Pendant-shaped wall-mounted lamp that gives a decent yet modish look
● Excellent performance and ample illumination
● Durable light fixture that will last you for 20,000 hours
● Contemporary light fixture for modern homes and office designs


1 review for Simplistic Copper Lamp

  1. Wahid Hashmi

    I was actually looking for a modern yet unique and modish lamp. This is exactly what i was looking for!

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