Six x Six COB

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Six x Six COB Wall Light delivers a soothing light, perfect for nighttime reading. With a simple design, the rectangular lights offer ample illumination. If you want a source of soft light in your bedroom or living room, this wall light is perfect for you. The elegant arc crafted with double layer aluminum looks quite aesthetic mounted on a wall. Have it installed in your home to create some gentle light in your surroundings.

● Electric cord power and plug
● Material: Aluminium
● Shade Color: Warm white
● Wattage: 12 watts
● Weight: 1.25 kg
● Size : Height 3 Inch , Width 13 Inch

● Surface treated with paint for a highlighted light texture
● Super easy to install and operate
● LED light for a more uniform illumination
● Energy consumption is low
● Comes with wall fittings
● 12 lamp beads mounted on the top and bottom for a superposition light effect
● Automatically stabilizes current in case of power overload


3 reviews for Six x Six COB

  1. Shahid Mehmood

    I am using them on elevation. Throw is good

  2. Muhammad Ameen

    Its good

  3. Minhaj Ahmed Qureshi

    Aoa. Is it waterproof or not bcz I want to place it outside.

    • devmin

      WOA. Yes its waterproof

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