Solar Crystal Balls

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String Crystal Balls is one of the finest lights available for users. These solar-powered lights are available in warm white shade to give you a fine ambiance outdoors. The lights are waterproof, which makes them best to use in both the indoors and the outdoors.

– Color: Warm
– Comes with a built-in battery of 600 mAH
– Lumen value is 100LM
– You’ll have to charge it for 6 hours for maximum run time
– The lights last 8 hours on a full charge
– Working temperatures are -20 and -60
– Comes with a solar panel of specs 2volts and 100 MA

– Comes in 16 Ft. length and includes 20 bulbs
– The lifetime for the light is 5000 hours
– Varied lengths of strings for convenience
– No wiring is required and comes with optical sensing


11 reviews for Solar Crystal Balls

  1. Asif Memon

    Small but beautiful. arrived in perfect condition

  2. Jawad Shah

    all bulbs working. crystals look cool. functions are great!

  3. Hina farid

    Light work fine

  4. Hina

    Involves work amazingly the light in the solar is great

  5. Hina Farid

    Involves work amazingly the light in the solar is great

  6. Hina farid

    Very happy they are long lasting

  7. Abdul wahab


  8. Salima


  9. Fahad


  10. Younus vayani

    Pls send me 2 seat of crystal solar jar

  11. Younus vayani

    We are first time pls send arrange safe delivery

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