Solar Sensor Lamp

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Solar Sensor lamp is a 6W powerful outdoor solar wall light that can be placed in different areas of your house. The lamp can ideally be placed around your house elevation walls, boundary walls, inner walls, parking area and garden walls as well for better sighting.

Its unique 3 modes that includes constant mode, motion sensor and security mode makes it a hot selling light for outdoor.


Wattage: 6W

Material: ABS

Battery: 4400 mAh

Backup = 8-9 Hrs.

LED’s: 118

Waterproof: Yes

Size = 12 Inches


2 reviews for Solar Sensor Lamp

  1. Bilal Abbasi

    Works well and is powerful. Better sighting in my parking lot now

  2. Arghaman

    Using this is a security lighting option. Thoroughly impressed

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