Solar Spike Lights

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Ultronics Spike Light is one of the most demanded model when it comes to lighting up entire garden. Among the many features, its basic feature is it’s easy installation. With a spike at bottom, you can place 4 spike lights anywhere you like in the garden even under a shaded area because its solar panel can be separately placed in bright sunlight as standalone. It take less then 5 minutes to unbox and place solar spike lights in your garden.

It’s second feature is easy placement. Once installed, you can place 4 lights with one solar panel connected with a cord. All spike lights can be operated with a remote control to turn them on/off or adjust brightness.

Each set of solar spike lights consists of 4 units which means you can place them at different locations according to your outdoor design and light up a large area.

Other technical data includes:

Type: Spike Lights

Solar Panel: Separate

Material: Aluminium

Waterproof: Yes

Life Span: 50,000+ hours


3 reviews for Solar Spike Lights

  1. Irtiza

    I actually saw these lights at a friend’s house. Purchased from you and very satisfied indeed

  2. Hafiz Jadoon

    Your after sales is wonderful

  3. Abdul wahab


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