U-Shaped Pendant

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Ultronics U Shaped Pendant is a modernish twist on a classical design. The U in this pendant is termed for Uniqueness that is expressed with this pendant. This pendant acts as a versatile lighting fixture for almost all the occasions. Whether you plan to install this in your office or bedroom, over your dining table or on the kitchen top, this pendant is a statement piece.


Body Material: Iron + Silicon

Body Color: Brass

Light Source: LED

Light Emit: Warm White

Application: Bedroom, Office, Kitchen and Dining Area

Pendant Height = 20 Inches , Width = 6 Inches .

Wire = 3 Ft. (Adjustable) .


2 reviews for U-Shaped Pendant

  1. Areej Zehra

    Really expressive pendant

  2. Bilal Saleem

    Very impressive

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