Warm Solar Firefly Lights

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Enjoy these fun-rich Solar Firefly when they dance with the air in your gardens. Light weight, user friendly and waterproof solar firefly lights are made of flexible branches which makes them twist easily with the airflow and breeze.

Warm Solar Firefly create a romantic ambiance when the wind blows and being user friendly, they can be placed anywhere in the garden under sunlight to allow them charge and offer warm lighting when it gets dark. The ideal place to install these firefly lights is between trees and short heighted plants to give a much natural look.

Each Solar Firefly Light consists of 6 Warm LED’s
You can get each Solar Firefly Light for Rs.3,500/-


Material: ABS Plastic

Panel: Monocrystalline

Battery Size: 600 mAh

Backup Time = 7-8 Hrs.

Number of LED’s: 6

Shade: Warm

Size = 2.5 ft


6 reviews for Warm Solar Firefly Lights

  1. Zari

    Bought them some time back, working fine. Planning to order more

  2. Ifat baig

    Very nice

  3. Bina

    Purchased 1 to try it out. Works well, it’s durable and pretty. Ordering some more now.

  4. Muhammad kamran


  5. Zia Mustafa Khan


  6. ShahBano


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