The Ultimate Guide to Task Lighting

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid an emphasis on the importance of good lighting. With workplaces shut down, working from home had become the new norm. However, performing operations under dull lighting is strenuous for the eyes, regardless of the job’s nature.

Considering this, it is essential for homeowners to understand the significance of task lighting. The following guide elaborates on everything that you need to know about task lighting.

Task Lighting- What is it?

Apparent by the name, task lighting is the installation of light fixtures, which is carried out to fulfill the purpose of effectively performing the responsibilities that require visual assistance. Essentially, this type of illumination brightens up specific areas to make it easier for the person to carry out such tasks. For instance, task lighting is installed for reading, working, cooking, performing makeup, conducting laundry, and other such functions.

Task lighting is important as it streamlines the process of working, without putting a strain on the eyes. Adding this type of light is extremely important if you have senior citizens living with you. Proficiently installed task lighting can reduce eye strain and fatigue. It can brighten up space so you can examine the details with ease.

How to install task lighting?

The installation of task lighting requires you to consider the purpose of lighting, as well as the type of fixture you are using. For instance, if you are hanging up a cob wall light, you would need to understand the direction for the illumination, as well as the reason behind installing it. A cob wall light can distribute light in numerous directions, thus making it ideal for illuminating hallways.

When you are in the search for task lighting, make sure to take the functionality and the appearance into consideration. Choosing one over the other can leave you at a disadvantage, as the light fixtures available today can offer both. Take the following features into consideration.

Source of light

The light source is extremely important. It is recommended to choose LED lighting, as it is environmentally-friendly, affordable and a much more effective option. Using LED bulbs for task lighting is ideal, as LEDs emit less heat than other incandescent lights.

Amount of light

It is further important for you to consider the amount of light that will be required for a particular action. For instance, if you wish to illuminate the hallway, you may require multiple wall lights in Pakistan, whereas, if you wish to get task lighting to study, a single lamp can do the job.


Now, you can get light fixtures that are flexible with shape. If you require task lighting for a job that requires illumination at different angles, such as for painting, choose a light fixture that you can adjust.

Colour Temperature

The colour temperature also plays a role in task lighting. You can choose between warmer tones and cooler tones, depending on your individual preference.

Is the light dimmable?

Another factor that you need to consider is whether the light is dimmable or not. If you wish to add task lighting for a task that requires a varying amount of brightness, such as sewing, you can choose a light fixture that offers dimmability. This way, you can alter the brightness level to fulfil the purpose of the task.

The primary purpose of choosing task lighting is to make sure that you have ample brightness. Check out the wide range of light fixtures at Ultronic Lights to add functionality and style to your task lighting.

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