The 21st century is all about “living an energy-responsible life”. In a country like Pakistan, where people face a severe shortage of electricity, it is highly important to adopt a lifestyle where one can save maximum energy. Yes, switching off lights, fans and other electrical appliances can save up energy to some extent, but that is not a smart solution. So what can we do? The answer is easy and very much out there in the year 2020, and that is the installation of solar flood lights.

Solar floodlights are an exceptional choice to lighten up the porches, driveways, and gardens of your house. These have wide beams and offer high-intensity lights. Solar flood lights are capable of covering large areas with top-quality brightness allowing the people to enjoy a clear vision even in the darkness of the nights.

Lights that contain the name “solar” are mostly powered with LED technology. The solar panels of the floodlights absorb the energy from the sun rays during the day, which is stored in high-quality inbuilt batteries, and as the sun sets, the batteries power up the lights.

If you’ve also decided to give solar flood lights a try, the following is a list of 5 best solar flood lights in Pakistan which will make you forget about all the other kinds of lightings.



Different types of watts offer different qualities of light. However, 100W solar flood light proposes high power and top-class built quality. The built-in LED lamps can vary in number ranging from 120-200 pcs. These are suitable to be installed in residential areas overlooking driveways and play areas. Moreover, these are also preferred to be installed in factories.

Other than that, street solar floodlights are also flexible when it comes to designs and colors. They can be easily customized according to the taste of the client.


If you want to add some aesthetics to your garden, driveway, or the porch, you should definitely go for the dancing solar floodlight. A realist looking dancing flame is installed inside the floodlights that radiate a romantic and soothing vibe. These are extremely energy-efficient as they save up a lot of energy during the day, and when the light sensors sense that the sun has set, the batteries power up and illuminate the house with shiny and warm light.


These intricately styled and designed wind chimes are the best option for solar flood lights if you’re looking for ways to add some class and poise to your porch. The range of colors and designs that come with wind chimes is extraordinary and you’ll have no trouble in finding the right color that will add the right amount of chic to your house exterior. If choosing a single color feels like a tough job, you can opt for multi-colors as well.

If you’re a true lover for decoration pieces, this is the perfect solar floodlight for your house.


These trendy solar gates make your main gates drip with style and finesse. They come with batteries and charge through the sun all day so there is no hassle of any wiring as they tend to ruin the whole exterior look of your house. They come in all designs and colors. They can also be placed on the porch floor as floor lighting. These solar flood lights are the best way to give the perfect facelift to your house.


It might never cross your head when you’re light shopping for your walls and ceilings, but you can also add some glimmer and shine to the stairs and pathways of your house. These solar flood lights come in sleek designs and classy colors. These eliminate the missing factor in your flooring and grab the attention of everyone walking on them. The sophisticated finishing that comes with these solar-dependent step lights just acts like the cherry on top.

In addition to these solar floodlights, you can always customize the shape, size, design, and color of your solar lights from companies that offer such services. Once you adapt to this energy-efficient lifestyle, there is no going back and this is exactly how it should be for a responsible inhabitant of Planet Earth.

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