Transforming Your Library into an Ancient Wonder

Are you a bookworm who loves to collect books (read: horde books) to the extent that now you can make your own library? Well, you aren’t alone, because we are also book hoarders and we absolutely love it.

As you already know, collecting and reading books are two entirely different hobbies (now you can tell that to anyone who tries to stop you from buying books, wink wink). And if you love antiquity, then that is even better because books go great with an antique theme.

However, if you have space, a love of books in your heart and a passion to set up a corner for your hobby, then this blog will work wonders for you. It will give you ideas to decorate your library and turn it into an ancient wonder place where you can forget about everything and teleport to the world of fairytales and fiction.

So, let’s jump into our decorating pants and talk ideas about decorating your library.

Chapter 1: Start with Nostalgia

The first step in decorating your library into an ancient wonderland is to set the foundation with the right things. Go for rich, warm colors like deep burgundy, royal blue, or emerald green to create a sense of grandeur and give the place a royal feeling. Antique wooden bookshelves with intricate carvings add a touch of authenticity, instantly transporting you to ancient times. You can also integrate comfortable vintage furniture with cushions that make an inviting atmosphere and welcomes you to get lost in the world of literature for hours.

Chapter 2: Lighting the Path to Knowledge

Now, it’s time to talk about decorating with lights – an important aspect that will elevate your library’s aura. Incorporate the soft, warm glow of flickering candles, crescent lamps artfully placed on bookshelves and tables. They don’t have to be real candles, but they do give the sense of a real one. Not only do they fill the room with a timeless charm, but they also create a calming atmosphere, perfect for indulging in a good book. You can also add chandeliers, wall drapes and other antique lighting fixtures to make the place elegant.

These elegant fixtures can become the focal point of your library, illuminating the space with a gentle radiance. Choose bulbs with a warm hue to evoke the feeling of antiquity and ensure a comfortable enjoyable environment.

Chapter 3: The Allure of Ancient Artifacts

To complete the transformation, adorn your library with carefully curated ancient artifacts. Think about old-fashioned globes, yellowed maps, and aged scrolls – elements that take you back to the eras when libraries were temples of knowledge. Apart from this, antique hourglasses and magnifying glasses can add a touch of mystique to the look of your whole library.

Chapter 4: The Lure of Leather and Dust

Nothing quite exudes the essence of an ancient library like the scent and feel of leather-bound books. Look for leather-bound books for décor, or you can also make your own leather-bound book. This will complete your antique library look. Don’t shy away from a little dust – carefully sprinkling some on the shelves can further add to the illusion of a forgotten treasure trove.

Chapter 5: The Invitation of Cozy Nooks

As you design your ancient library, remember to create cozy reading nooks where one can curl up with a good book. Add plush cushions and throws, inviting readers to relax and explore the boundless worlds found within the pages. A comfortable armchair by the window or a snug window seat overlooking a garden adds an extra layer of allure to your bibliophilic haven.


This was our take on transforming your library into a timeless wonder. If you want to keep your library private for yourself, then you can enjoy the feel of the place in solitude, or if you want to invite your friends and family into your little haven, then they will also appreciate your work of art.

Embrace the nostalgic charm and revel in the joy of losing yourself amidst the pages of timeless wisdom. Hope your library turns out as wonderful as you want it to be.

Happy reading!

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