UFO Globe Lamp

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Ultronics UFO Globe Lamp is perfect for anyone who loves the solar system. Offering a warm-tone, it radiates just the right amount of light to create a warm and nurturing environment.

Comforting Glow: A floating and bright coloured LED light, which exudes warmth and comfort.

Simple Operation: This light functions as a result of an electronically controlled magnetic system. The suction between an electromagnet and globe magnet (situated at the top of the globe), neutralizes the globe’s gravity.

Convenient to Use: This light can be easily used. As soon as the gadget is balanced and hovering, you can spin it around to enjoy a smooth rotation.

Multiple Uses: The 3-D globe can complement multiple environments. It can be added to an office space, a living room, a child’s bedroom, or it can be gifted to a friend.

Unique Design: The 3-D globe is a unique, high-tech gadget that is bound to draw attention. It is perfect for all genders and ages.

Size = LED Stand – 9 x 9 Inches , 3D Globe – 4″ in Diameter .


2 reviews for UFO Globe Lamp

  1. Mahreen Zahid

    Very good lamp



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