As part of our endorsement series, we send complimentary products regularly to various Pakistani Celebrities and Instagram Influencers to review them and provide honest feedback for our customers.



Famous Pakistani artist Urwa Hocain (Hussain) endorsed our Hollywood Vanity Lights

Famous Pakistani artist Mawra Hocain (Hussain) endorsed our Wheel'O

Stunning and gorgeous, Srha Asghar posted a breathtaking image with Ultronics Moon Lamp!

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak absolutely loved Ultronics Fire Lantern and took this stunning picture for us.

Anoushay Abbasi whose acting stood out in Mere Pass Tum Ho, recently got a Vanity...

Famous Pakistani actress and drama artist Heena Imran, endorsed our moon shaped table lamp recently

Tasmiah Khan is a well known influencer on Instagram. Watch her endorse our Rose Lamp!

Famous Pakistani Drama Celebrity, Shehzeen Rahat shared her feedback on our Moon Lamp!

Famous Instagram Influencer Aneeqa Nizam gave our Rose Flower Lamp a positive shoutout!