3 Things To Consider Befor Choosing The Right Ceiling Lights For Rooms

Classic or modern ceiling design? Both options will provide excellent lighting to your room. It is good to consider the room style and its dimensions when choosing ceiling lights. Besides, it is essential to look at the aesthetics of your bedroom. 

Selecting the perfect ceiling light for your room can be difficult, as you have a plethora of options available. So, let’s take a look at a few things to consider before choosing the ideal ceiling light.

Things To Consider

Are you looking for some guidance to decorate your bedroom with beautiful ceiling lights? Here are some things to consider when choosing the ceiling lights for your bedroom. Keep reading!

  • The Height

The height matters the most. The height at which you want to install your ceiling light will determine the lighting quality. Remember that a poor direction of the ceiling light can harm your eyes.

An average height of a ceiling is between 2.5m to 2.8m. So, you should avoid lowering the light to a distance below 2.15m from the ground. This way, you can prevent yourself and your family members from hitting their heads. However, you can lower it as per your preference, as it depends on where you place it.

  • The Size

The size of the ceiling light you choose is the decisive factor. Of course, this will depend on your room size. If you overlook this factor, imbalance ceiling lights may not represent the room style you want.

Usually, people prefer a ceiling light with a diameter of 40cm for a room of 10m2 or less. If your space is large, greater than 20 m2, you can prefer a model with more than 60cm in diameter.

  • The Design And Color

For the dining room, you need to prefer the classic ceiling lights with neutral soft white color, which is comfortable and welcoming. For the bedroom, you can choose small pendants of the light placed above the bed.

Tip: Choose one with a blue shade for your bedroom, as it is ideal for having calming effects on your brain.

For your kitchen, the color of the ceiling lights matters. You need to look at their color temperature (white and slightly blue provide a cool temperature, whereas yellow and slightly orange shades are suitable for the warmer temperature).

Our Opinion

Go for one that provides warm lighting. In recent years, warm lights have taken the place of normal lights, as they boast quite a few advantages. And among the major advantages that they have, one that stands out is the comfort it provides to our eyes. 

So, many people opt for ceiling lights that provide a much warmer light. The good part about them is that they are not as expensive as people think they are. Also, no need to worry that it will keep some spaces dark, as the light is enough to provide enough lighting to an entire place without hurting our eyes. 

Wrapping It Up

These are some valuable tips for choosing the ideal ceiling lights for your rooms, which would make your spaces look absolutely attractive. Although you can find Spiral ceiling lights in Pakistan from many online and offline shops, Ultronics Lights have a wide variety available at very reasonable rates. Buy genuine home decor items from us now from our website with just a few clicks.

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