5 Cool Table Lamps To Warm Your Interior

When someone talks about house interior, the focus is more on the type of flooring and furniture. Many homeowners tend to overlook the lighting aspect of the home interior, which is a big mistake. The right lighting can change the overall look of your home dramatically. The LED lights define the personality of your house. So if it is not complimentary, the interior, as well as the exterior of the house, suffers.

Lighting, in general, can have a massive impact on your mood. You can easily manipulate the overall perception of a space through smart lighting. A mindful homeowner should be aware of how the choice of lighting can alter different areas of the house. If you want people to give extra attention to a specific corner of your home, simply take the help of a lighting strategy.

Typically, there are three categories of light for home interiors, general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Lamp lights fall into the category of task lighting and also, accent lighting. Task lighting covers those types of lightings that are used to facilitate short-range working like writing, reading, painting, or working on any other craft. Whereas, accent lighting is used to throw focus on a particular area in a room. Lamp lights are well-equipped to act like task lights as well as accent lights.

Since lamp lights are the new favorite of the new-age homeowners, here are the five coolest table lamps that have caused a storm in the lighting market.

1) Blossom Tree Table Lamps:

Nowadays, homeowners crave creativity in everything. Whether, it is about furniture, flooring, or lighting. To cater to this need for creativity, new and innovative designs of table lamps have been out in the market. One of them is the blossom tree table lamp. The pattern is a depiction of cherry blossom trees.

The base of the tree table lamps is mostly black to give a grandeur look to the design, but it can be customized according to the customer’s will. These lamps are manufactured with top-quality PVC and aluminum material. The branches of the tree lamp are usually flexible and can be molded in any shape you want. These are size- friendly and easily portable, making it easy for homeowners to place it wherever they deem right.

2) Book Lamps:

Table lamps are mostly installed as task lighting. Homeowners want to enjoy a subtle light when they are on their bed and, reading their favourite books. So what is better than a table lamp that looks like a book itself? Yes, book lamps are table lamps that are in the shape of books and offer the right amount of illumination to read and write books.

You can stretch these lamps at any angle you want. The most significant benefit of these types of lamps is the battery life that they offer. Most book lamps need to be charged for a maximum of 3 hours to give off an ample amount of light for six hours.

3) Wooden-Framed Lamps:

Many homeowners love wood-crafting when it comes to furniture making, but now you can decorate your bedside table with wooden framed table lamps as well. The most astounding thing about these types of table lamps is that they can carry any design with extreme class and sophistication. Moreover, they don’t eat up a lot of electricity, so they charge without any trouble. The light source of wooden-based lamps is commonly LED, so they radiate a substantial amount of light, enough to illuminate the entire room.

4) Moon Lamps:

Moon lamps in Pakistan are the most famous table lamps among new-age homeowners. They are in the shape of a globe and give off a subtle light similar to moonlight. Moon lamps are an excellent choice of table lamps if you’re looking for some trendy and chic home decor as well. Their battery life is phenomenal as they can go on for 10 hours if you charge them properly. Moreover, moon lamps often come with remote controls to monitor the intensity of the light.

5) LED Candle Lamps:

Candles, placed anywhere generate a romantic and cozy ambiance. But unfortunately, they are short-lived and need to be discarded in a short time. What if you get your hands on LED lights that are in the shape of candles and offer the same quality of light? Feels like a dream? Well, it is not. You can decorate your bedside tables, study tables, and dining tables with LED candle lamps to create a subtle yet fanciful atmosphere.

You can find the table lamps that are mentioned above in the market without any difficulty. Just make sure you choose the ones that compliment your home decor and generate a soothing and homely feel.

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