5 Ways You Can Make Use Of Edison Bulbs In Your Home Interior

The lighting industry is evolving at an exceptional speed, and homeowners are getting more creative when it comes to home decor. People want their homes to look beautiful, comfortable, and warm. No one can achieve that without installing complimentary light fixtures that go well with the entire home decor. To inject the right personality into your home, you have to plan out the lighting scheme of your house thoroughly.

You can make use of a variety of modern types of light for your house’s interior and exterior needs. However, some lighting fixtures may sound conventional, but they boast a class of one-of-a-kind. The Edison bulbs that are also known as antique filament bulbs or carbon filament bulbs are the example of such lights. They come with a looser filament that is more visible than any other modern types of lighting. Edison bulbs have coils that come with a variety of designs, which makes them exceptional for displaying without a shade.

The Edison bulbs are an ideal way for adding a touch of rustic chic and an industrial style to your place. The following are the different ways you can use Edison bulbs in your home decor:

Aesthetic Pendant Lamps

Whether you are decorating your living room for an event or just to make your space look esthetic, you can install a series of hanging pendant lamps over your dinner table. The bare-bulb design and the subtle beam of the light will brighten up and add charm to the area. You can switch the look of the lights by experiment with different shapes like globe, pear, tubular, and standard shaped bulbs.

Chic Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors are a vital part of modern bedrooms. You can make these mirrors a style statement by installing bright vanity lights around them. This will help you in getting your Hollywood glam without worrying about messing up your makeup. Incandescent Edison bulbs offer an ideal color rendering index of 100. Therefore, they are perfect for a vanity mirror as they are able to produce a clear quality of light that is required for an exceptional makeup look.

Classic Chandelier

Every home needs a classic touch of lighting to make it look elegant. The best way to go about this is to get your hands on a rustic chandelier and install it in the living room. If you have a house with a cottage style design, a chandelier with carbon filament bulbs will act as an industrial piece and add definition to the interior of your house.

Creative Placards

Another bold way to add creativity to your home decor is to invest in some unconventional placards that come with carbon filament bulbs. The next time you invite your office friends for a formal dinner at your place or you are celebrating your partner’s birthday party, cool and artistic placards can add an exciting touch to your seating arrangement.

Shiny Outdoor Lighting

If you are looking for ways to brighten up your dull facade, work on your outdoor lighting scheme. Install dangling Edison bulbs that will add some shine to your gateway, and shed light on some intricate details. However, as Edison bulbs do get warm when they are switched on, do not install them near anything flammable.

These lighting ideas will remodel the energy of your house in the finest way possible.

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