A Few Myths About LED Lights

When the factor of environmentally friendly products comes into question people may want to side with the more favoured. In this case, it has become LED lighting. These lights offer a lot more to the public than the average incandescent lighting options.  While many still stray away from LED lights because they’re confused and would rather resist change than accept it due to minor myths. To make things easier for you the experts at Ultronics lights want to help you. We want to clear up the confusion and pull you into the light. Hopefully, with this mist clearing up you can help your home become better.

LED Lights Will Cost You A lot Of Money

LED which translates to Light Emitting Diode is an excellent option when it comes to saving energy and lasting longer than normal bulbs. These LEDs are some of the best in the game and are leaving the older bulbs behind. They only concentrate their light towards a specific direction instead of throwing light in random directions. With this concentration, it helps the bulb reduce wastage and pollution.

Incandescent bulbs on the other hand waste energy by converting it into heat energy. This is not only a burning hazard but also adds to your electrical bill.

Though it may be true that an LED bulb will cost higher originally but it then contributes to a longer life of saving energy and cutting your bills in half. The higher lifespan will always pay out in the long term.

LED Lights Last Forever?

They definitely don’t last a lifetime but they will outlive other bulbs. An LED bulb lives out an incandescent bulb by 20 times its lifespan and 5 times longer for a CFL bulb. The LED bulbs light for 25,000 hours.

LED lights all look the same

LED lights do not look the same. Many of them look different by the sizing, some by lighting, and some are entirely different and give out coloured lighting. These can be used as makeup lights, for landscaping, and to even illuminate your front yard. They’re some of the most versatile options the lighting industry has to offer.

LED Bulbs Contain Hazardous or Dangerous Substances

They certainly do not. Fluorescent lights are those which contain mercury whereas a LED light bulb uses phosphorus and gallium phosphate which is sealed off in a semiconductor that never breaks. The cover is not made out of glass and will still be safe even after the bulb dies out.

LED Lights Can Get Damaged in Severe Weather

There’s always a solution to bad weather. Adding weather guards can help your bulbs. Though an LED has shown results that have proven that LED performs a lot better than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs in both hotter and colder climates. Extensible bad weather may require some assistance from a weather guard.

Dimmers Can’t Be Used with LED Lights

LEDs have many variations and thus have types that can be dimmed down and can be lit up. The dimmable lights are made specifically with certain qualities in mind. The others may only have concentration properties which will cause them to have low efficiency. Overall an LED does support dimmable features.


To give your home an upgrade, lighting can play a huge part. They bring in features that normal moonlight may not. To make everything in your home all together to create the perfect scene you should contact us, Ultronics Lights. We make sure your home is well lit and has the right installations all around. We deal with outdoor as well as indoor lighting.

For further information and consultation contact our services.

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