A Guide to Choosing and Installing Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have become a flexible component in the field of interior design, offering both flair and practicality to a variety of places. Wall sconces provide a solution for a variety of purposes, including ambiance enhancement, lighting deficits, and bold design statements. This article will help you master the skill of selecting the ideal sconce for each room in your house as well as the finest installation techniques.

Hallways and Staircases

The uneven distribution of light in hallways and stairwells might pose a risk to safety. Birdy Wall Sconce installation is an effective way to deal with this problem. For best lighting, place them 66–72 inches from the floor as a general guideline. In extended halls, keep a 6-foot distance between each sconce to ensure a smoothly lit passage.


Installing bathroom wall sconces on either side of the vanity mirror will completely change your morning ritual. Bid farewell to unsightly shadows cast by overhead lighting. Considering your height, place the sconces 5.5–6 feet from the ground to create an eye-level glow that improves your appearance.


Installing bedside wall sconces will provide a comfortable sleeping environment. When seated against the headboard, hang them 6–12 inches above shoulder level or 30–36 inches over the mattress. Flexibility is ensured by adding a dimmer, which lets you change the brightness as the night goes on.

Living Room and Fireplaces

The Birdy Wall The living room’s sconces make great secondary lighting sources. Depending on the height of the room, sconces should be placed 60–72 inches from the floor to highlight features like fireplaces or brighten gloomy nooks.


Installing a wall sconce or Airplane Chandelier will improve the entryway’s pleasant ambiance. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these fixtures improve safety and curb appeal. Place interior sconces close to the front entrance; outdoor sconces can be placed on either side of the doorbell without obstructing the door’s swing or to either side.

Sconce Styles: Choosing the Perfect Fit

Take into account several sconce styles to fit your functional requirements and aesthetic tastes. While swing arm types give versatility for directed lighting, flush style sconces are a more beautiful and compact option. While plug-in sconces provide an easy installation solution when dealing with junction box problems, downlights and uplights generate various atmospheres.

Recall that you can embrace a plug-in sconce’s cord or channel as an integral part of the design. Employ it creatively or audaciously, enhancing the design and accents of the space instead of attempting to conceal it.

The Bottom Line

Any home would benefit from the chic and useful addition of wall sconces. You may create a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary in your home by carefully choosing the appropriate sconces for every location and according to optimal installation techniques. For your next lighting improvement, why not consider the classic beauty of wall sconces instead of the conventional floor or table lamps?

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