A True Desi’s Guide to Setting Up a Pakistani Restaurant

Pakistan has a subtle culture and ambiance that is so rich and vibrant that any place in which that ambiance is incorporated becomes magical. A restaurant that is built on the authentic terms of desi-ness is sure to grab a lot of attention and succeed. So, if you are thinking about starting your restaurant, then there are a few things you should consider adding to your desi place.

6 Things to Consider Adding to your Desi Restaurant

Adding a Touch of Pakistani Hospitality

Setting up a Pakistani restaurant in desi style is more than just about serving food; it’s about creating an experience that is all about the richness of Pakistani culture. From the warm hospitality and welcome to everyone in desi style to mouthwatering aromas and vibrant colors, every aspect of the restaurant should reflect the essence of Pakistan. For this, you can use some pretty lights like rotatable wall lights and some murals on the walls with funny and sarcastic Urdu quotes.

Creating an Authentic Atmosphere

Imagine stepping into a Pakistani restaurant where the atmosphere transports you to the bustling streets of Lahore or the aromatic bazaars of Karachi. To bring authenticity to the place, you can place colorful stalls in an outdoor setting with solar firefly lights and truck art on ‘thelas .’This will surely make your restaurant a unique one.

Authentic Desi Food

The menu should have authentic Pakistani dishes only. From Moti Pulao to Kunna and from Beef Pulao to Paye, Pakistani cuisine can become the weakness of even the strongest man. And how can we forget about the Karhi Pakora, Palak Ghosht and Shahi Daal. But make sure you make all this with desi ingredients because imported spices never make desi dishes taste delicious.

The Tandoor Experience

One of the restaurant’s highlights is the tandoor, where skilled chefs prepare mouthwatering bread like naan, kulcha, live garlic naan, and roti right before your eyes. The hugeness of the tandoor, the fire underneath it and the aroma of freshly baked bread add to the whole experience, transporting diners to the streets of old Lahore.

Celebrating Pakistani Culture

Live music fills the air with the soulful melodies of authentic Pakistani music from singers like Atif Aslam, Abida Parveen, Aima Baig, Alamgir, Nazia and Zohaib Hasan, Ali Zafar, etc., adding to the festive atmosphere. You can find among for every occasion from Pakistani music industry, you just have to look keenly.

Pakistani Culture is all about Celebration

Incorporating Pakistani culture into the restaurant means that you are offering something beyond the food and décor; it’s about offering your customers a chance to celebrate because there is no doubt that our culture is all about celebration. Whether someone wants to host traditional wedding dinners, birthdays, aqiqah celebrations, or showcasing local artists’ art, cultural workshops, etc., your restaurant becomes a hub where people come together to celebrate their shared happiness.

Conclusion: Enjoying the Essence of Pakistan

Now that you have decided to start your restaurant on a desi Pakistani theme, this blog will help you in setting it up so that you can give and enjoy an authentic Pakistani experience. From its beautiful ambiance to its mouthwatering food, a Pakistani restaurant can provide a richness that is unmatched by any other place.

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