Advantages Of LED Lights Over Regular Lights

The number of advantages that LED lights have over traditional lights are countless. The most important advantage is the long lifespan which is from 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours or maybe even more. This amount is more than four times the amount of most fluorescent, metal halides, and sodium vapor lights. As compared to an average incandescent bulb, it is 40 times more. This single reason itself is enough for you to switch from regular lights to LED lights. However, there are plenty more reasons which we will take you through today. So, if you haven’t already transitioned from regular lighting solutions to LEDs, just wait till the end of this blog, and you will surely be tempted into making this change.

Energy Efficient

Energy consumption is a major issue in every household in Pakistan. With LED lights, you can lower your energy consumption that will significantly decrease your electricity bills. LED consumes a very low amount of power. With LED outdoor and indoor lights, you can experience 60-75% improvement in overall energy efficiency. The amount of savings on your electricity bills can be more than 90%. This is a great way to save up money and invest it in a place where it matters.

Improved Safety

Safety is an aspect that might not come to your mind when talking about LED lights. One of the most significant causes of hazards associated with regular lighting is the emission of heat. LEDs emit almost no heat, whereas traditional bulbs have 90% of their energy converted into heat. This means that only 10% of energy produces light, which is very inefficient compared to LEDs. LED consumes significantly less energy, so it can be operated on a low voltage that can be beneficial in times of accidents.

Smaller Size

A significant advantage of LED lights is that they come in smaller sizes that are as small as one-tenth of a millimeter. The small size is excellent for intricate spaces and decorations that can fit almost everywhere. A fantastic idea is to take a couple of small lights and put that in an old jar. This would make an excellent DIY study table or business desk lamp. You can also install them under the cabinets, sofas, or around picture frames.

Colour Rendering Index

CRI measures the light’s ability to bring out actual colors of objects compared to a natural light source. A higher CRI is more desirable, but it can vary depending on the application. LED has a very high CRI which is remarkably better than traditional lights such as sodium vapor lamps. With an LED, you can see the actual colors of objects even when it’s dark compared to light bulbs that make everything appear yellowish.

Design Flexibility

As discussed before, their small size makes them versatile. Another significant aspect is design flexibility. They can be applied in literally any application that you can think of. LEDs can be modified into all shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional light bulbs to strings of fairy lights.

Environmentally Friendly

Traditional lights like fluorescent and mercury vapor lights contain mercury internal to the bulb, which is not environmentally friendly. Mercury also requires special handling. Hence, it can be dangerous. However, LEDs do not have any mercury content, which makes them environmentally safe.

These are just some of the reasons why switching to LEDs is advisable. From decor to lighting solutions, LEDs are capable of taking care of everything for you. If you are looking for good-quality LED lights, Ultronic Lights has a wide range of LED solutions in store for you!


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