All You Need To Know About Solar Lights And Their Benefits

If you’re looking for a lighting solution that provides security and illumination in areas where grid power is unavailable or prohibitively expensive, Solar lights are the best option you can consider. Since their installation costs are the same, solar lights are a great alternative and a cost-effective solution for illuminating your outdoor spaces such as gardens, parking lots, patios, etc. There are also no costs for trenching in grid power, dropping meters, or paying electric bills. No matter what the application, if power is unavailable or prohibitively expensive, solar is unquestionably the way to go. Let’s go over some advantages of using solar lights instead of traditional grid lights.

Solar Lighting System Types

Complete solar lighting systems range in size from a single low-wattage LED fixture to high-wattage fixtures that can illuminate areas such as roadways and parking lots.

Small low-wattage systems are popular for driveway, walkway, and landscape lighting installations. These lights are typically purchased at big box stores and online vendors like Ultronics Lights rather than commercial systems. Larger lights, such as those used in roadways, are custom configured to ensure proper project operation and ample light coverage. These lights cover a large area and have a larger solar power assembly mounted on top of a pole.


There are numerous other advantages to using solar lighting systems instead of traditional grid lighting. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Eco-friendly Alternative

Solar lighting is an energy-saving alternative to traditional lighting because it requires no power from the grid. This means they don’t rely on the grid to function properly, ensuring plenty of light during brownouts or blackouts. They also make use of one of the world’s most advanced renewable energy technologies. Solar costs are falling year after year, and it is now one of the cheapest renewable energy resources on the market. Off-grid solar panels charge the batteries during the day, ensuring that there is enough power for the night. When the sun goes down, the controller detects that there is no longer any charge coming from the panels and activates the light fixture. The batteries power the light fixture for the duration specified by the user.

  • Installation is inexpensive.

The installation cost per pole for grid-connected and off-grid solar systems is typically the same. The main distinction is that there is no need to trench in traditional grid power, and there are no meters to install. One of the most expensive aspects of a lighting project’s installation is the trenching of grid power and the installation of a meter. Trenching can be even more expensive at times, especially if there are major obstacles in the way, or if the surrounding area is expensive to disturb or repair, such as a newly paved parking lot. Grid lights use the same poles as off-grid solar lighting systems. Because the poles are manufactured to handle the added weight of the solar power assembly, the footers may be larger with the solar lights.

  • No maintenance:

The systems are maintenance-free, especially since the use of LED fixtures has grown in popularity. LEDs have the longest lifespan of 20 years or more, which is remarkably greater than any fixture currently on the market. In contrast to traditional AC-powered fixtures, the use of photocells, the second most common cause of maintenance, has been eliminated. Using the standard controls, the solar panel serves as the photocell.

To Wrap up:

These were some of the most exciting benefits of Solar lights which make them an excellent alternative for conventional lighting systems. If you’re looking for a store to buy solar lights in Pakistan, Ultronics Lights has them available for you.


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