Creating a Productive Home Office:

For those of us who bring work home or find ourselves glued to our laptops after office hours, having a dedicated and productive home office can make all the difference (by the way, we don’t recommend over-working)

This isn’t just for those who bring their work home. Instead, it is for all those who prefer working from the comfort of their home or freelancing (seriously, COVID-19 did us a favor of working remotely because of lockdown).

So, how can you set up a stunning office at home? Here is how:

Comfortable Seating and Furniture

Let’s start with the basics—a good-quality chair and desk are essential. You will be doing a lot of sitting (if you prefer a standing table because of working while standing, then that’s a different story), and you’ll also need a durable table for when you pile up files and coffee mugs on it. Invest in a good quality, super comfortable chair that doesn’t strain your back or neck. Try to get your hands on an adjustable and flexible chair so you can purr and stretch on it like a cat.

Good Lighting

Natural light is perfect for your mood and productivity. Choose a naturally lit room and place your desk near a window if possible. But also check your options for lights in Pakistan to add task lighting, like a desk lamp to reduce eye strain during late-night work sessions or ceiling lights for 360-degree brightness.

Organization with a File Cabinet

Keep your workspace clutter-free and organized with a file cabinet or storage unit. Stash away all your documents, stationery, and other supplies to maintain a tidy look. Label folders and drawers for easy access to important files quickly.

Decoration for Inspiration

Personalize your home office with decor that inspires and motivates you. Your place should make you happy when you go there to work and be productive. Think about adding plants, flower vases, the Odean lamp, crystal décor items, artworks, paintings, and productive quotes. You can even place a shelf for your book collection.

Stress-Relieving Toys

Sometimes, something so infuriating happens at work that you just want to break something. So instead of destroying your own place, get yourself some stress-relieving toys that will help you. You can get those sand lamps, a moon lamp in Pakistan, a stress ball, a fidget spinner, or that swing that keeps swinging.

Stationery(s) and Accessories

The best thing about having a home office is that you get to have your own kind of favorite stationery. You can have all the adorable pens, notebooks, makers, staplers, stationery boxes, highlighters, pencils, and whatnot. If you like it, get it and stock it. Also, don’t forget to get yourself some fantastic headphones, a stand, a webcam, and a killer mouse to pair with all the computer accessories.

Tech Upgrades

Upgrade your tech arsenal for optimal efficiency. Get a reliable laptop or PC with good memory and processing power. Consider dual monitors for multitasking and a high-speed internet connection for non-stop work.

Now you have the list of essentials for your home office, start setting it up!


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