How Can I Know Calculate The Light For A Room To Illuminate It Well?

You can find a wide range of indoor, outdoor, bathroom, vanity, and multi-purpose lights in the market. Whether it is about renovating your home or office setting from a wide range of lighting products, you can install stylish lights that can help you stay ahead of time.

Regarding your home, both indoor and outdoor spaces need trendy lights that make their appearance attractive. For example, you can find a trendy double-head wall light online and offline that you can place anywhere inside a room, alley, front wall elevation, or parking lot.

However, if you want to know how to calculate the light for a room, the type, the color temperature, and other information to choose good lighting, this blog will solve those doubts for you.

How Much Light Does A Room Need

The lighting of a room is very important. So, knowing how to choose the type of light is very interesting when choosing the bulb or lamp you want to buy.

Have you ever seen a lamp and not know what light it gives? Maybe you have seen it, but you do not know if it will fit as your living room lamp.

The first thing to remember is that light is subjective. It means one person feels more comfortable with a very powerful light, and another wants less light.

We want that when you see a lamp, you know if you can install it in your home. So, we will briefly explain the two most important characteristics of lighting that a lamp provides. The first one is the amount of light measured in lumens, and the second is the color temperature of the light.

How To Measure The Amount Of Light A Room Needs

Light is measured in various units of measurement, including lumen and lux.


Lumen (lm.) is a standard measure of luminous flux, which refers to the measure of the perceived power of light. It is perfect for comparing the intensity of light.

Lumen varies based on many factors, such as the opening angle and the distance from the light source. However, they are a standard value and easy to compare between similar lamps.

A lamp with a bulb very far from the ground can emit 2,000 lm., as they are calculated according to the light given by a bulb or LED source.


A Lux (lx) helps to define the area to be illuminated, which is where our second way of measuring light intensity comes in. To know exactly what light you need, this standard measure is used. This measurement is related to the lumen between square meters.

This measure relates the intensity of the light to the area that receives that light, making it easier for you to know how much light is necessary for a room. The reason is that your 20m2 room is not the same as your neighbor’s 15m2 room.

Calculation Of The Light For A Room

To calculate the light for a room, you need to know the approximate size of the room and how many lumens it needs.

This is because we are going to use the Lux formula:

Lux = Lumens / Square Meter ——> Lumens = Lux x Square Meter

With this formula, you can measure the lumens you need in a room by entering the number of square meters. This way, you can choose the exact lighting fixtures you need based on the lumens.

You can measure the square meters by considering if you have bulky furniture that removes useful meters. If so, you would have to estimate fewer square meters. Remember that dark decorative elements tend to reduce the ambient light, while decoration in white tones reflects more light.

Final Words

We hope these light measurements will enable you to choose the best lighting products for your rooms. We will also appreciate it if you share this information with your social circle.

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