How To Fix Solar Lights

Climate change has forced a lot of people to shift to renewable forms of energy that are green. Solar energy is one of the most popular sources of energy. Solar-powered homes and solar street lights are increasingly becoming a thing of the present. They are clean, they do not harm the climate, and they save you from large bills. Going forwards, you may end up with your solar lights not working. They may be dimmed or not working at all, and you may wonder how to fix solar lights. Chances are that you’ll be most probably able to fix it yourself and avoid hefty repairing bills. Let us look at some of the many possibilities that can be hindering your solar lights from working correctly.

1. Try Restarting It:

This may be the simplest thing that you can do. Often, there may be some issues with the lights that can be simply fixed by turning the lights off and then back on. Moreover, you can also try to remove the batteries and put them back again. Usually, given a restart, basic level issues in solar lights are resolved. Make sure to wait a bit before turning the lights back on.

2. Cover the Panel:

Try covering the panel with something. The solar panels have sensors installed in them. So when the sunlight falls on the panels, the solar lights switch off automatically to charge efficiently. Around the time of dusk, when the sunlight fades away, the solar lights turn back on. Sometimes the sensors are not working properly. You will give it the illusion of dark by covering the panel, and the solar street light may turn on.

3. Check the Batteries:

Solar panels work by charging the batteries throughout the day from solar energy, and they use these batteries in the night to keep the lights on. Check these batteries and see if they are correctly installed. Clean the dust from them and reinstall them. Misplaced batteries may be the cause of solar lights not working. If it is still not working, then maybe it is time for you to replace those batteries. They usually last up to 2 years on average.

4. Water Damage:

Usually, your solar lights are well protected from possible rain or water splashes. But there might be a chance that water may have damaged the solar light. If this is the case, then take out the light and open it, separating different parts. Keep them in the dark for a day or two and reassemble the lamp. You could also send the picture of the damaged light to the company, and they will replace it for you if it is in their policy.

5. Check for ON Switch:

Okay, this may seem very obvious and absurd, but a lot of times when your solar street lights are not working, and you are wondering how to fix solar lights, you may as well go check out for that ON switch. Because it is often the case that someone forgets to turn on the light switch and expects it to turn on automatically.

6. Direction of Panels:

You must check if the direction of the solar panel is towards the sun. Usually, you can face your panels towards the South if you are in the northern hemisphere and vice versa. It will ensure that your board receives enough sunlight, whether the sun is rising from the east or setting in the west. Also, avoid casting any shadows on the panel as it will obstruct the panel from absorbing solar energy.

7. Contact Help Center:

If the solar lights are still not working despite all your efforts, then maybe you will need to contact the customer support center. If you bought the lights from a good company, they will offer good response and help you out. They might also replace the lights for you.

In conclusion, if you have solar street lights or solar lights installed in your house, it is likely that you may end with solar lights not working over the years. Before you worry about how to fix solar lights, the above tips and tricks have got you covered.

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