Igniting Parks with Solar Magic

Parks in Pakistan are as rare as a diamond in a river. Sure, there are parks, but they are rare, and the existing ones are not fully and properly maintained. Parks are crucial for any society to provide leisure opportunities and serenity to people. It helps us to lose all our tiredness and stress so that we may become fresh and cheerful after walking or even sitting in the cool breeze of the park.

However, living in Pakistan, we understand that the parks might be drowned in darkness due to electricity shortages, and no one would want to visit them. That is why we bring you an easy solution to darkness: solar energy.

The magic of solar energy

Visualize yourself walking in a park at dusk, near Maghreb time, when darkness is about to fall, and you get afraid of the park because the park that looked stunning in sunlight has suddenly turned into some sort of haunted place because there are no streetlights inside it.

Now, visualize the same scenario as above, but instead of being afraid of darkness, imagine that as the sun sets, there is a glow of 60w solar street light. You can spend another hour roaming the park and enjoying the fresh weather.

On the state level, the parks can be equipped with solar energy, which can help achieve various things like solar lights, solar-powered mini rides, and even charging ports. A 150w solar panel can light 2-4 solar lights, but putting a bunch of these panels can light the street lights and power the charging ports and rides. The fun thing is that the 150w solar panel price in Pakistan is also not high compared to the cost of installing traditional lighting. So it’s an absolute win-win situation.

Benefits of solar energy

As you already know, solar energy is highly sustainable and doesn’t contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases. This renewable energy means there is no need for generators and grid electricity, which can emit harmful CO2 gas to the already damaged environment.

It also improves the positive impact on the environment. There is a less chance that air pollution will spread with solar energy because no fossil fuels are involved in producing it. It comes from the sun, and since Pakistan receives sunlight in abundance throughout the year, it is nothing less than a perfect solution for electricity needs.

Apart from this, parks can become the hub of technological advancement and a place of engagement/ education. Where people can learn and admire about the convenience that solar energy could bring. That will implore people to consider moving towards and adding solar options to their homes and other spaces that they own. Like adding ceiling fancy lights or solar lights at their place.

Decorating public places like parks can be a visually appealing thing along with being a valuable thing especially in a Pakistani society where electricity shortage is a significant issue. It can contribute to a sustainable and conscious future.


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