Led Strip Vs Rope Lights

If you’re someone who adores good lighting you may have the trouble of choosing between rope lights and strip lights. Both of these have become very famous in recent times and are used a lot by almost every other teenager and decoration company. From RGB lights to creating the perfect Christmas tree these lights are a great option. But there are certain differences which make them fall into very different categories too. From the internal structure to the exterior both of these have properties that make them a lot more different from each other.

Rope lights

These are, as the name suggests, built in a way that makes them look like a rope. The entire structure is placed in a cylindrical tube that has LED bulbs placed at a distance from each other. This isn’t a huge distance and brings together a perfect dimly lit atmosphere where they’re placed. These do not have a lot of light and are perfect for decorating a Christmas tree. Placing them around a specific area is also easy since they’re bendable and can easily be rounded around objects and stuck on walls.

The interior bulbs can either be fluorescent bulbs or can have LED bulbs installed in them to give us a dim light. The LED option makes them very long-lasting and makes sure the user has a satisfactory run. They can also be stored and used occasionally. Both 120/220vAC or 12/24vDC fixing can be used.

Rope lights are very easily taken around places since they’re unable and can be formed into shapes and sizes which fit the aesthetic of the user. Since they’re dimly lit they can be placed around the corners of a room to add an aesthetic image to them without making everything super bright.

These lights are also very cheap to buy since they’re simple and do not have a high initial cost. They last longer if made by the right company and they will also be a great addition for anyone who likes a 360 type image when they add lights.

The tubing can be made from epoxy, rubber or anything which easily lets the lights gleam through. Though this tubing and covering mostly start to turn yellow after a long time.

LED strip lights

You may have seen ads about lighting which has a remote control and can be placed around anywhere and give a very calming and soothing effect. Well, these are essentially those lights. They are the RGB lights that can be stuck with a taping in the back and placed wherever the user requires it. These are not the best option when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree but they can add the best touch to accent walls, the underside of countertop tables, ceilings, and much more.

They come in 120/220vAC as well as 12/24vDC. They’re honestly a lot smaller than the rope lights but they’re still great for smaller installations. Going up to a good size before the DC voltage stops giving. They’re easily hidden and can change colours. They’re also bright and can be dimmed down when required.

There is adhesive tape at the back which makes it very easy to install. Though these can be stuck almost anywhere there is a minor flaw that does not support zigzag installations.

Sizes can also be altered according to be used and can be cut down according to the required size from a specific marking that is already given in the lighting strip.

LED strip lights also do not cost a lot and can be bought in bulk if a huge area needs coverage.

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