Lighting Around Your House

If you are decorating your home for the first time with lights, then you will probably be thinking, ‘How hard can lighting be?’ well, you are about to find out how hard it is. Because there aren’t just lamps and a few tube lights that will work for your home, if you want to make your home look like a wondrous place, there are around 14 types of lighting fixtures and ceiling lights you can install around the house.

Let’s learn about a few of them to make your place warm, cozy, and welcoming.

6 Types of Indoor Lighting

Recessed Fixtures

As the name suggests, these are the lighting fixtures that are fitted inside your walls with a light outlet to illuminate a small space. They may sound fancy, but they are one of the most common ceiling lights in Pakistan, which you see in hospitals and restaurants. These fixtures lay flat in the walls or ceilings and just illuminate a small space.

Track Fighting

These fixtures are the opposite of recessed lighting because they protrude from the ceiling. They are like spotlights but on a smaller scale, which point downwards or can be rotated in specific directions. They are ideal if you want to illuminate your hallways or an artwork on the wall. They give the space an artistic feel.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are such fixtures that provide light upward or downwards; they are ideal for putting warm light on the walls, just like oil lamps used in old ages. They also look amazing on side tables, but installing them requires you to get proper wiring and electrical work done by a skilled electrician. The wires need to stay hidden to make these sconces look like magic.

Ceiling Lights

Looking to give your home a majestic look? Well, ceiling lights are the perfect fit. They are more like a permanent and reliable foundation for your lighting needs, so the roof light price in Pakistan is a bit high, but it is worth it! These fixtures include chandeliers, low-hanging lights, and pendant lights. You can put it up in your hall or kitchen, a central place of the home.


Energy-efficient lighting is the new trend, especially in the houses of millennials. These lights now dominate the 21st century because they come in various colors, can improve the look from zero to 100, and are long-lasting compared to traditional lights. They can also change colors, meaning you don’t have to change lighting when you get tired of seeing one color.

Portable Lights

Portable means you can bring the magic to any room you visit. You can get any lamp with any specialty (if you like galaxy, you can get that; if you want to create a solar view, you can get it, or you can even create an underwater world) and then simply plug it in and let it show its magic. Their compact size and lighting option makes them ideal for special events.

These were 6 of the lighting that you can install around the house to make it look welcoming and adorable!


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