The Ultimate Guide To Wall Lights


Wall lights are a great add-on for the room. They add a calming feel to the room. It plays an important role in home decor. Wall lights offer great lighting for illuminating the dark corners in our rooms. It creates a soothing ambience with lighter lighting. These lights can add a good feel because of their lighting to your home. If you’re thinking of adding a wall light to your home, read this blog.

In this guide, we will tell you about the wall lights that you can fit into your hallways, corridors or rooms.

Hallway Spotlights

You can light up your home without worrying about the environment. The Hallway Spotlights use LED bulbs in it. They’re compact and simple. They can easily be mixed with any design scheme. Whatever your home’s design or theme, the hallway spotlights will go with it easily. There are two options of shades in it. You can select the one which suits your mood and room.

Outdoor Wall Arc

Outdoor Wall Arc is made up of aluminum steel. It’s highly durable and reliable. You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions once you install these lights. The cherry on top is that they’re constructed with waterproofing, and they have a certification of IP65, which makes them water-resistant.

This wall lamp will enhance the exterior of your house or restaurant with its unique design and lighting.

Symmetrical COB

Symmetrical COB is the light that you should think of adding to the exterior of your home. It will add an aesthetic to the design of your house. The light is not only brilliant, but it has a strong build because of the aluminum body and waterproofing treatment.

The IP65 waterproofing treatment is applied to the light fixture. It allows it to survive in extreme weather conditions. The light fixture comes in a black colour that can easily go with any home’s exterior. There are two colours of lights available in Symmetrical COB, hot white and cool white.

Quad Up Down COB

This wall light is made up of high-quality materials and gives off a soothing soft white light. It is built in geometrical forms and has a distinctive shape. It gives an edgy and luxurious look to your home. This light is constructed on aluminum and has an arc. It features a bright LED light that keeps your home lively and energetic. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require professional help.

The IP68 waterproofing treatment makes it easy to use in offices, hotels, stores, and other outdoor environments.

Solar Up Down Light

The 2 Watts Solar Up Down Light is perfect for adding decorative light to your home’s exterior. For having an equal split of lighting, the light fixture should be placed on the wall. This light is not only stylish, but it is eco-friendly too.

It is suitable for decorating the exteriors of houses, parks, and rooftops. It is treated with IP65 waterproofing to improve its lifetime in extreme weather conditions.


To conclude this, wall lights are suitable for exteriors and interiors. You can select any from this if you want to install it in your home. They don’t need professional help, and they are easy to install. Once you install the wall lights, it will make your home look better than before.

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