Tips For Improving Your Home Security

With increasing inflation, burglaries, and thefts are becoming a norm. Every other day we hear the news that someone was robbed or someone’s home was broken into. A few years back, these thefts didn’t happen in broad daylight and were reserved only for the nights.

However, as the rise in prices of even basic necessities escalates, so are these thefts, which are increasing with the passing minutes and are now happening in broad daylight.

Everyone is desperate to protect themselves and their properties from such incidents. And if you are in the same boat, we have a solution for improving your home security.

After reading this blog, you will understand that improving your home security isn’t as difficult as it seems because burglars won’t attack your home if it is well-lit and protected by security measures.

So, we bring you tips to secure your house against every mishap.

Ten Tips To Secure Your Home And Improve Home Security

  1. Install a security system: Consider installing a security system with motion sensors, door and window sensors, surveillance cameras, and solar security lamps to monitor activity around your home. Many modern systems allow remote monitoring and control through a smartphone app. This way, you will always be vigilant about what is going on around your house.
  2. Install deadbolts: Make sure all exterior doors have deadbolts and use them whenever you leave the house or go to bed. Deadbolts are more secure than traditional locks, so it’s better to have them installed.
  3. Keep windows securely closed: Install window locks and ensure they are closed and locked when you leave the house or go to bed. Consider reinforcing ground-floor windows with bars or security film, as it has become easy for thieves nowadays to open a window lock and get inside the house without difficulty.
  4. Keep the outdoors ignited: Install motion-activated outdoor lights to deter intruders and make it easier to see any suspicious activity around your property with your installed cameras. A motion sensor light will also scare away intruders because it will catch them off-guard.
  5. Be vigilant of your surroundings: Look for any suspicious activity, unfamiliar vehicles, or people in your neighborhood. Report any suspicious activity or concerns to your local police department.
  6. Keep your valuables in a secure place: Keep valuables out of sight and locked up, especially when you’re not at home. Consider installing a safe to store important documents, jewelry, and other valuables. And a useful tip for you here is to never tell about your valuable’s location to anyone other than 2-3 close people because the more people know, the more there are chances of break-ins.
  7. Don’t advertise your absence: Don’t post on social media about your travel plans or post pictures from your trip while you’re still away. This can alert potential burglars that no one is at home. And you should know that burglars are very smart nowadays; disregarding them by saying that they won’t learn about your absence from social media will be a mistake.
  8. Keep your home well-maintained: Make sure your home’s exterior is well-maintained and free of overgrown shrubs or other hiding places that could provide cover for intruders.
  9. Password protects your Wi-Fi: if your Wi-Fi network isn’t protected, then even an amateur thief can hack into your system and get all the info they need to break into your home or even steal your information from online platforms. Always protecting your network with a strong password is a good idea.
  10. Secure garages/ sheds and other areas outside your home: some people think that the only place that can be robbed is the inside of the home, but the outer areas like sheds and garages are also your property and have valuables like vehicles, lawnmowers, furniture or valuable décor that can be stolen. You should also secure such places with locks and sensors.

Burglar-proof Your Home:

Now that you have read the tips on keeping your home secure, here are a few machines that can help you keep your house safe:

  • Security cameras (video cameras, CCTVs)
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Solar security lamps
  • Alarm system
  • Automatic locks

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