Your Guide to Roof Lights

Many homeowners disregard the importance of beautifying their roofs. Even when people want to transform the look of their top floor, they catch themself in a dilemma as it is not much you can do when it comes to revamping the upper portions of a house.

Nevertheless, there is one element that can help you style your roof in a more striking way, its lights. You will find a variety of styles, colors, and designs of roof lights in the market.

Before choosing what style of roof light you want to install, you have to make a major decision. Glass or polycarbonate? Continue reading to know what makes them different:

Glass lights

The reasons why people opt for glass while installing fancy roof lights are:


Glass roof fancy lights are exceptional when it comes to aesthetics. When the natural sunlight passes through the glass, it creates a pleasing look.

Tough quality

Glass roof lights are the safest option when it comes to toughness. They possess a superior quality of material that ensures a lifetime of usability.

Variety of glazing options

The reason why glass roof lights offer better insulation is because of the different glazing options. You can choose double or triple glazing glass lights to enhance the beauty of your roof.

Polycarbonate lights


As compared to glass, polycarbonate lights are much cheaper. For people who want to make their roofs look beautiful but do not want to invest much, polycarbonate lights can make a big difference. You can find polycarbonate ceiling spiral lights at reasonable prices easily.


The strength of polycarbonate lights is exceptional. They can withstand a lot of impact without shattering.

Effective shapes

The dome-shaped polycarbonate roof-lights are an ideal option for bringing in more light.

After choosing the material, you can select which style of roof lights will suit your house best:

Different Styles of Rooflights

Roof pyramids and lanterns

These types of lanterns are large in size. Their virtual appeal is aesthetically pleasing. Roof pyramids are often installed on orangeries, conservatories, and extensions. Other than that, you can also enjoy a variety of shapes when it comes to roof lanterns.

Electric hinged rooflights

Electric hinged roof lights are ideal for offering natural ventilation. These types of lights come with a manual opening mechanism or an electric remote control opening system. Apart from being futuristic, they are a reliable source of roof lights.

Walk-on roof lights

For a more modern look, you can experiment with walk-on roof lights that will allow your space to enjoy a remarkable overall look.

Access hatches

A new-age homeowner will always want their house to stand out in the neighborhood. If that is what you are looking for as well, install access hatches. They open up to provide access and offer natural ventilation as well.

Sliding roof lights

Another option for modern homeowners is to make use of sliding roof lights. They have striking structures and come in a variety of colors. Moreover, sliding roof lights can be automated, which makes your house look smarter and better as well.

Sun tubes

These tech-savvy lights can turn any dark space into an area full of illumination and energy. They store the sunlight from the roof, and through a highly reflective channel, the energy reaches the tube which lights up. Sun tubes can help you reduce your energy costs greatly.

Now that you know all about roof lights, make a wise decision when you are installing some in your space.

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